Blue Mountain Barrel House (Arrington, VA)

Blue Mountain Barrel House - 495 Cooperative Way, Arrington, VA 22922 - (434) 263-4002

Next up on the epic Memorial Day Beercation trip was the Blue Mountain Barrel House in Arrington, Virginia. We had already been to the Blue Mountain Brewery Restaurant up in Afton but we were told along the way we should also not miss the chance to check out the Barrel House. We made a quick stop and sat down for a flight of 6 beers with a couple different selections from the other location.

1. Blue Mountain Classic Lager (See Blue Mountain)

2. UberPils - (See Blue Mountain)

3. Hopwork Orange - Orange Infused IPA - 7.0% - 52 IBU

4. Full Nelson - (See Blue Mountain)

5. South Street Satan's Pony - (See South Street)

6. Dark Hollow - English Double IPA - 10% - 70 IBU

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The Barrel House is out in the middle of nowhere and has a really cool outdoor seating area. This is one of the few breweries with food and they have a food truck (at certain times) parked by the patio. If you sit down at the small bar you've got big tanks only a few feet away. They offer a few different selections from the other spot and the bartender told us this was the better spot. Not so sure.

Beyond Recommendations: Hopwork Orange


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  1. The place looks good and thanks for sharing pictures with us too. I myself am craving a beer right now so bad and this post just made it worse. haha