Smith Mountain Lake State Park Campground

Smith Mountain State Park is a Virginia state park located on the shores of the enormous Smith Mountain Lake Reservoir. The lake is packed with activities like jet skiing, boating, fishing and swimming. There are tons of bars/restaurants around the lake as well. Here's what our experience was like spending a night on the lake.


There is one campground at Smith Mountain Lake State Park and there are 2 sections. The regular electric/water sites that are packed with RVs and then a bunch of "dispersed" camp sites located in the woods with a parking area close by.

The one thing about this place is that all of the campsites are right on top of each other. Walking from the car to the site was fairly annoying when unpacking so staying for 1 night was a lot of back and forth.

These campsites have a rocky tent pad (very hard rock), a picnic table, a bear ple, and a fire pit with a grill.

Other Activities:

Beach & Swimming: The park has a swimming area that is free to campers. It has a concession stand, picnic area and sandy beach. Out in the middle of the lake is a floating pier with a waterslide. It is fun for kids. Yeah I went down the slide too but it was lame.

While the beach area is a cool spot to sit out in the sun I also went swimming in another part of the lake.  The water where I was was beautiful and clear unlike the sandy/muddy swimming area. There is no real beach area but it was a nice spot to walk in and take a quick dip.

The park also has lots of trails which we didn't have time to hike. You can also fish in the lake which we didn't do as well. There are several amazing picnic tables set up with great lake views if you want to have a picnic away from your campsite

One of the cool things happening while we were there was they had a bluegrass concert at night down at the beach gazebo. It was great to go down there and listen to some music before retiring at our campsite just down the road.

Overall I didn't really like camping there on the crowded holiday weekend. I wish I had more time for fishing and trail hiking and I also wish I could have spent a day just chilling at the beach. I'll have to go back and get a better idea of what the experience is like. Next time I'm there I'm doing a bar crawl at all the waterside restaurants in the area.

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