Westmoreland State Park (Montross, VA)

Westmoreland State Park is a Virginia State Park located in Montross, Virginia (Westmoreland County). The park is set upon the Potomac River and has lots of great activities (fishing, picnicking, hiking, swimming, fossil sifting) and my favorite, camping. Here's all you need to know about Westmoreland State Park.


The park has 3 different camping loops (A, B, C) and they are all in wooded areas with some decent spacing between sites. I don't even know if I've ever seen site C open. Each loop has a bathhouse. The sites have picnic tables, tent boxes (hard rocks) and a fire pit.

Beyond Recommendation: I like staying in loop B if possible because its the easiest walk to the cliff area.

River Activities:

Fossil Beach: There are 2 different ways to get down to the river. The first one they peg as a "fossil hike" where you walk down a giant hill/trail that is 3/4 of a mile long and sucks on the way back. At the bottom is a cove between what they call the Horsehead cliffs which are pretty cool to look at. The beach down there is small and typically pretty crowded. The water isn't great for swimming but you could go in. Most people are down there with sifters digging into the sand and trying to find fossilized shark teeth.

Picnic Beach: The other part of the river you can get to by car. This is a very long beach with lots of space (And the swimming pool) and gets very crowded due to the ease of getting to. This is a great place to have a picnic, go fishing, go swimming in the pool (or the river, not deep) or even rent a boat at the livery.

Fishing: You can fish in the saltwater Potomac (you need a SALT water license for this). You can also fish at Rock Spring Pond but you have to walk a half mile to get to it.

Beyond Recommendation: Don't fish from the fishing piers. Fish from the rocks and aim for the center of the coves right between the rocks. I caught a massive catfish there and had 2 other huge fish on the line that broke my line.

Hiking Trails:

This i one of my favorite state parks in terms of hikng trails. There are lots of cool ones that aren't very long, and they traverse different types of area (beach, swamp, hills, woods).

Outside The Park:

There are a lot of fun things to do outside of the park. Every time I go down there I make sure to hit up Colonial Beach (not super fun to swim at kind of trashy but has a great tiki bar), Westmoreland Berry Farm (pick your own fruit or watch the highwire goats), and even check out George Washington's Birthplace

Beyond Recommendation: Hit up High Tides on the Potomac in Colonial Beach for a really cool patio spot to people watch by the beach and grab some great mixed drinks.

Westmoreland is one of my favorites and I've even done it as a day trip without camping. The park for 2 days might not have much but if you spend 1 day doing external trips you can have a great weekend.

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