My 8 Favorite DC Jonas Vines - Blizzard 2016

On Saturday afternoon the Washington DC Area was hit with one of the biggest snowstorms of all time. The conditions outside at times were downright nasty and it led to a whole lot of snow and a whole lot of non plowed roads.

Well I love going out in the snow, and I love even more showing people that life is possible without using a couch during a snowstorm in the DC Area. So I woke up around 8am early on Saturday and headed out into the storm with my Vine handy phone to report (and get in shape).

On my 8 mile round trip hike from Ballston to Georgetown I ran into everything from speed skiiers, to crazy people to X-Games participants and even the National Guard. Here are the 9 best Vine videos that I captured during Jonas:

1. The Speed Skiier

Is that Lindsey Vonn? Nope its some accountant who loves Whole Foods! I thought I was drunk when I looked up and saw this. I couldn't believe it was actually there.

2. The Crazy Shoveler

This guy wanted to cut down a side road to get to his house. He pulled over to the side, went into his trunk and pulled out the smallest snow shovel in the world. Then he actually started trying to plow out the whole road with that thing. Eventually he gave up, abandoned his vehicle, and walked home.

3. The National Effing Guard

When you've got one of the biggest storms ever you call in the big dawgs. I saw this convoy just heading down the streets of Arlington. Badass! On to take on SNOWZILLA!

4. The Xtreme Wannabees

These guys took their jeep out on a very snowy road (with pedestrians walking around all over the hill) attached a few snowboarders to the trunk, popped the top, stood up and recorded the whole thing as they skidded down the hill. Aside from the fact they were going like 2 miles per hour and it didn't even look like fun, and the fact they couldn't make it 50 yards without falling, it was somewhat Xtreme. Those dudes definitely crave electrolytes.

5. The A-Hole Biker

Oh look, a guy riding his bike at 1 mile per hour in the middle of the street with cars behind him. Does he pull over and let the guy get by? No! Because its his road too! "Excuse me Mr. Plow, can you clear out some bike lanes first? Where am I gonna bike?"

6. The Hipster "Snowball Fight"

Every time it snows, hipsters have to do things that children do to try to remain hipster enough to remain in the club. It is most likely because when they were kids, they and their flannel shirts were not invited to play with the other kids and now they want a chance. Well guess what hipsters. Standing in a circle occasionally throwing snow across the circle, is NOT a snowball fight.

7. The Smart Sledders Who Didn't Plan This Out

As you can see at the end of this video, these freshman girls (who got into Georgetown) go sledding down a fun hill at high speeds. Fortunately for them as they barrel past the bottom of the hill and onto a MAIN ROAD, no cars have come by to kill them. Go Georgetown!

8. The Bar That Is Open

I'm ending this list with the greatest thing that exists during a blizzard. A bar that is open and selling delicious beverages and food items despite the existing conditions. Cheers to you J Pauls of Georgetown!


I had a lot of fun walking around and all of these things just kind of popped up in front of me. Hope you enjoyed!


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