Jamestown Scotland Ferry - Free Things To Do In Virginia

One of the coolest free things to do in Virginia is to take a trip across the James River on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry. This free car ferry connects Surry County with Jamestown & Williamsburg and provides a scenic journey across one of Virginia's biggest rivers.

The ferry, run by the Virginia Department of Transportation, takes drivers across the water every hour, 24 hours a day and is FREE of charge. Its about a 20 minute ride, but there is also some time added for waiting in line.

Riding the ferry during sunset in the summer is especially beautiful. The peaceful river breeze and the incredible pink sky provide quite the atmosphere. Just don't sit in your car the whole time!

One of the reasons this ferry is so useful is because it allows you to make your weekend headquarters the Chippokes Plantation State Park Campground, and still be able to visit the historical sites of Williamsburg and Jamestown for the day.


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  1. This lakeside view seems so peaceful. This would make for a great weekend getaway plan. I love how there’s a restaurant so one doesn’t have to get into the hassle of cooking.