Lake Anna State Park Campground - Spotsylvania Virginia Camping

Lake Anna State Park campground is a Virginia State Park camping area located in Spotsylvania County. Lake Anna is a huge lake covering 20 square miles of land and the park borders just a small portion. There is camping, a swimming beach, walking trails and more. All this is just an hour and a half outside of Washington DC (with no traffic).

The campsites are located in a wooded area of the park and are not on or that close to the water. You can take one of the trails down to the beach area, and the fishing pond.

While most people who camp grill out at their campsite, you really want to take the time and energy to bring a cooler down to the grilling area by the lake. You will probably have to drive there, and it was somewhat a pain, but the sunset over the lake was a really great place to enjoy dinner.

There are several places along the shores to go fishing, but there is also an old pond with fishing access. There are also several miles of trails, which were fun to hike, and you may even pass some horses on the way. The terrain was more like a flat nature trail, with some trails going close to the water.

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