York River State Park - Williamsburg Virginia Hiking

York River State Park is a trail heavy Virginia State Park located outside of Williamsburg on the beautiful York River. The park features miles of walking trails of a variety of difficulty levels through various terrains.

We took several of the trails that bordered the water, as well as ones that took us down to the beach and water. Wading in the shallows was a great way to cool off a bit after some long hiking.

There were also several winding creeks leading to the river that looked perfect for a calm canoe ride. Bikers and horseback riders were also hanging around different trails.

You can pick up a trail map from the visitor's center, which is actually a pretty cool spot that overlooks the river from high atop.

Many people were there sifting through the sand looking for fossils, a common practice in most of the rivers that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. I've never seen anyone actually find anything, but the mystery I guess is fun.

This park does not have camping, so it will have to be a day trip. We went there after camping the night 1 hour away (and across a really cool FREE car ferry across the James River) at Chippokes Plantation State Park.


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